Managing Partners

Brent Wall

Co-Managing Partner


Brent first discovered Bitcoin in 2015 and was immediately drawn to its innovation and potential. Brent’s role at Silver Harbor is to research new opportunities and developments as the space evolves. Brent is tuned into research reports, industry analysis, and social media searching for cutting edge projects for investment consideration. 

Brent received a Master of Education from Wayne State University in 2002, and a BS in Business Management from Fairfield University in 1998. 


Jamie Jankowski

Co-Managing Partner


Jamie originally heard about Bitcoin from Brent. Unlike Brent, Jamie needed more convincing. However, after researching and learning more, Jamie quickly realized why Brent was so bullish. Jamie’s role at Silver Harbor is to turn investment opportunities into profitable returns for the fund. Jamie is responsible for portfolio management and executing the fund’s yield generation strategies. Jamie has been trading capital markets for over 13 years – including equities, commodities, futures, and options.

Jamie graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1998, receiving a BS in Electrical Engineering, and in 2002 with a Master of Business Administration.